Preaching Class

We are having a great time in our preaching class this week.  We have learned all sorts of things that should help us be better communicators of God’s Word to the dear people of Tabernacle.  We are excited to be able to use those items in our preaching as soon as possible. Classes have been busy.  We had six hours … Read More

International Night

Tonight I had the opportunity to eat Korean food.  Several of the pastors in our class went with a Korean Pastor and a Chinese pastor to eat.  We had a great time eating unique food – I enjoyed my Korean BBQ chicken (main entree in picture) and also liked the squid (orange dish top right) – as well as talking about … Read More

Annual Meeting

We want to invite everyone to come to our annual meeting on Sunday, January 30th!  It is always a great time as we reflect on what God did at TBC last year and look ahead to what we are asking Him to do this year.  It starts at 6 pm!

Increasing Teens

Being fruitful in every good work and INCREASING in the knowledge of God (Colossians 1:10).  This is the 2011 theme for our youth ministry.  Just as Paul wrote to the great and growing church at Colosse and still challenged them to keep growing and increasing, so we want to challenge our wonderful teenagers to keep increasing this year.  In our … Read More

Welcome to the New Site!

Members, attendees, and visitors – we are excited to update our website!  We hope that it will be a simple tool that the Lord can use to grow His church and reach more people for him.  Take a moment to navigate around the new site and come back again in the future to see more progress.  As you witness to … Read More