New Building

With a great need for more auditorium, classroom, fellowship hall, and kitchen space, the Lord has led Pastor Long to have these drawings prepared.  The new auditorium will make way for the old one to become much-needed classroom space.  The fellowship hall will allow the whole church to meet in one room for Sunday dinners or wedding receptions, and it will also provide a wonderful foyer to the auditorium, overflow seating for the auditorium, and even some recreational area!   Surely, the ladies are excited about a kitchen with more than one stove and refrigerator!

These plans are very adequate to meet our needs and very reasonable in cost – about $1.8 million.  Our goal is to have one third in the bank before we even begin the project.  Please pray and prepare for a special sacrificial offering on Sunday, June 5th for the new building fund!

Enjoy the rendering, floor plans, elevations, and model below.  If you have any questions or suggestions, please write them down and give them to Pastor or one of the deacons.