Teen Ministry

Real Answers.  Real Friends. Real Fun.

Real Answers

In a world of lies – what’s really true? From the Bible, you can get the answers for every question and problem in life, and you can find out that God really is on your side! He wants to help you every day and wants you to know Him personally.

You will learn:
• What is my purpose in life?
• Is some entertainment harmful?
• What is a family?
• Can a marriage really be happy?
• What is true maturity?
• How can I develop character?
• Is the Bible really God’s Word?
• Is Jesus really God’s Son?
• What happens after death?
• What is real love?
• Why was I created?


Real Fun

Some people think Christians can’t have fun! The fact is, we have more fun than anyone else!! The difference is that it’s the kind of fun you can have with a clear conscience – the kind that create good memories, hilarious moments, and awesome friendships.

• Summer Camp
• Nerf Wars
• Ice Skating
• Capture the Flag
• Scavenger Hunts
• And much more!


Real Friends

Everyone wants good friends – the kind of friends who will be there for you when you really need them. Our teen ministry is made up of 6th-12th grade students from all over the greater Williamsport area. The common bond is that we all want to know God personally and live out His purposes in our lives. If you’re tired of pretending to be someone so that other people will accept you, you can be yourself here! You will find real friendships and support at TBC Teens.