I must admit that for just a moment, I was totally blown away by what the officer had said.  I do not know why, but I guess that I was not expecting it.  He had been an officer for thirty years, serving his city and the people in it quite faithfully.  He had regularly driven by my own house just to look after my family.  I could tell from what other officers had said that he was highly respected.  Now he stood there at his retirement celebration, speaking before a group of his friends, family, fellow officers, and city leadership, and he said this, “I’ve made a lot of mistakes, but if you have seen anything good in me, it was because of my Savior!”  It was such a fitting statement for a man known for his few words; it was like Abraham Lincoln and the Gettysburg Address – short and very sweet.  Honestly, I wanted to cheer.  What a great way for a TBC member to retire.  Praise be to God.  What a testimony and an inspiration to all of us to be a witness wherever we are!  Thank you, officer!